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Sean Young is Wanted by the NYPD for Petty Theft

SourceEighties movie star Sean Young — best known as the android femme fatale in “Blade Runner” — is wanted for questioning by the NYPD for allegedly swiping Apple laptops and video production gear from her former job in Queens, law-enforcement sources said Friday.

Young, 58, was caught on surveillance video around noon Thursday allegedly stealing two Apple laptops with video-editing software on them from an Astoria business, sources said.

The video showed Young and a man in his 30s taking the items — worth $12,000 — from the location at 33-01 36th Avenue.

This is a sad, sad day. Not surprising, given that Sean Young has been a notoriously unstable crackpot for decades now. But sad nonetheless.

If I can put on my Brent Musburger persona for a second and talk to all you youngsters out there, if you only know her from the aforementioned Blade Runner or her legendary performance as Finkel/Einhorn in Ace Ventura:

… then you have truly missed out. For a brief, shining moment, she was America’s “It” girl. Beginning with her role as Harold Ramis’ love interest in Stripes, which is 2/3 of a great comedy (the third act goes completely off the rails), for a while there she was one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood. And with those rare exceptions, was almost a mortal lock to give you gratuitous nudity in every film she did. Like the underrated Kevin Costner spy movie No Way Out (link very much NSFW. Do not click if you are at work). It was like she had a rider in her contract that she would only due nude scenes if they were completely unnecessary to her characters development.

But unfortunately, she couldn’t contain her craziness. Not even for one day. If you were to gene splice Roseanne Barr and Courtney love, and then mated them with gene-spliced Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones, and their daughter grew up with fashion model looks, she would be Sean Young. It was amusing when she wanted so bad to get the role of Catwoman in Tim Burton’s second Batman movie that she went around doing TV appearances in costume even after it went to Michelle Pfeiffer (skip to the 4:00 mark):

The effect of which was more pathetic, desperate and unintentionally comical than it was effective.

Less amusing was the way she criminally stalked James Woods after he and his famously enormous penis broke up with her. To the point he sued her for $2 million. Then she developed several habits. For substances, which got her on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. And for disrupting awards shows. Like the time she attacked a security guard for trying to get her out of an Oscars party she didn’t have a ticket for. Or the time she interrupted some Director’s Guild acceptance speech by screaming something we’ve all yelled at our TVs but never at the actual event, “Let’s go! Get on with it!” Then there’s my personal favorite, the time she waited for Jennifer Aniston to walk into an after awards party as a distraction to sneak in the side door during all the Jen-citment. What she lacked in sanity she sort of made up for in ingenuity.

But now, in 2018, it looks like she’s hit the rock bottom after bouncing off the rock bottom of all her other rock bottoms. Stealing laptops that are equal in value to what she probably made per word of dialogue in Ace Ventura. To all you other hot Hollywood commodities du jour, let this be a lesson. Your looks, fame and money don’t always last. Don’t be a Sean Young. Sad.