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Some Freaky 'War of the Worlds' Type Creature Has Been Found in Vietnam and If We Don't Kill It Now We Won't Have an Earth To Call Home

Kill it with fire. All of it. Do not let that escape that room in Vietnam. I have seen War of the Worlds and folks, that is exactly the shit that started growing after the aliens wiped out all the humans. That shit was made from human blood and it’s beginning its takeover on this planet.

We can’t be this stupid to ignore facts right? Those things will take over the world if we don’t stop it now. I’m horrified looking at that. This is why I don’t travel outside the country. I had a friend recently tell me she was taking a vacation by herself after finishing school and going to the South East Pacific Asia just to travel. If I allow her to go after seeing this footage I’m basically assisting in her death. If they let this growing red creature out of that room, the country of Vietnam will succumb to the horror and perish. I’ve never been more scared of a foreign substance in my life.

Kill it with fire.