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Reports From Packers Training Camp Say Young Wide Receiver Hopefuls Are Catching On - Aaron Rodgers Proceeds to Rip Young WRs For 'One of the Worst Practices We've Had'

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Yesterday was a rollercoaster day of training camp for the Green Bay Packers. We’ve got the local Fox news team reporting good things. The young guys that are trying to break into this receiving core, with Jordy now gone, are coming around and making an impact. All good things.

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Fox 6

Then….the Packers finished their day of camp and Rodgers voiced his opinion to the media about how things went out there in the card session.

Well then. Not exactly the words you were expecting huh? How can you blame 12 for being frustrated though? The dude is 34 years old and has been to one Super Bowl as he’s surrounded by incompetence. He just lost his favorite target, Jordy Nelson, to the Raiders. He’s got this whole new crop of receivers trying to earn his trust, so yeah I can see why he’s pissed off at a lack of energy and people being complacent with their job. So yeah, he’s angry as fuck.

Jake Kumerow has by far been the stand out pass catcher thus far in camp, but besides him Yancey and Allison, no one else is getting it. This could just be Rodgers getting into his guys and lighting a fire into the rookies, but either way you slice it, it’s a bad sign when young guys fighting for a roster spot are displaying a lack of energy. That’s the one thing they should have. Rodgers will flat out not even look for you in practice if he feels you’re not giving it your all. The last place you want to be is Aaron Rodgers’ dog house.

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