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Karl-Anthony Towns Calls Zach LaVine's Dad In Order To Ruthlessly Roast Zach

Man, that’s some sort of move to pull. Granted, we’re talking about video games, but to call someone’s dad in order to roast them while on video is brutal. Imagine being Zach in this situation. Here you are minding your own business, you have no idea KAT is even playing a video game and then your notifications blow up saying KAT and your dad are calling you trash.

KAT and Zach spent some time together in Minnesota before LaVine was traded to the Bulls last year, so I can only imagine how much Towns roasted Zach in the locker room when they were together. Either way, there’s only one solution now if you’re LaVine. You need to find Towns in the first game against Minnesota, get ISO’d and meet him at the rim. You have to dunk all over him and then get his dad involved. I believe that’s the rules.