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Could Ben Roethlisberger's Chinese Tattoo Be Any More Classic Roethlisberger?






If I told you to imagine the 1 tattoo Big Ben had on his body is that what you would imagine? Because it 100% is for me. Not a tattoo guy but maybe thought he was in College so he walked into a shop, flipped through the binder and ordered up Chinese symbol B26. Probably means Trust or Peace or something awful and was intentionally put over his heart. Just perfect. Big Ben is the quintessential Chinese tat guy. Not a knock on him either, I’m the guy who said with the game on the line in the 4th quarter he’d be my number 1 pick at QB, but sometimes you just have to accept who you are and Big Ben is a Chinese symbol tattoo person. Nothing has ever fit more perfectly.


“Hey babe, see this tat, it means love in Chinese, now come to the bathroom with me”





Grant is the worst brother of all time right? Really man? You’re excited your sister met Big Ben in a foreign country where laws and rules don’t apply? Wake up dummy.