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Oh. My. Goodness. Live look at what’s inside Rhys’ chest cavity, Arietta’s head, and Odubel’s pants:

Look, I don’t care if the Athletics own the second wildcard spot in the AL but still have a better record over anybody in the National League. Nobody gives a hoot if the Dodgers swiped Machado and the Cubs ruined Cole Hamels’ true homecoming back to Philly (I kind of care about that one). You don’t fuck with a hungry dog, especially one coming out of South Philly. Not to mention the Phillies are riding a 5 game winning streak, are 15 games above .500, and leading the ESPN ranked Braves by 1.5 games. Oh, and they also have a better winning % than every team in the National League not playing in Chicago. Respect isn’t given, it’s earned. And Rhys and Co. may just take it regardless.

More so, everybody has to love Rhys taking charge as the clear young leader of this team. The kid is only 25-year-old and is dominating not only on, but off the diamond. Keep it coming, Rhys. Also, stop diddling around and come back into HQ for another late season hitting lesson at Camp Smitty. Need go get that slugging percentage back to north of a billion.