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The Packers Ahmad Thomas Found His Birth Parents In One Of The Craziest Stories Out There

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JOURNAL SENTINEL – His mother couldn’t believe the email came from her son because the boy she hadn’t seen in 23 years was supposed to be dead.

That’s what doctors told Michelle Hooshing all those years earlier. She was 13 years old when she gave birth to a boy she named Calvin Darnell, a boy with a heart murmur doctors didn’t expect to live past 10. A foster child in south Florida, Hooshing reluctantly gave up her son for adoption one month after birth.

She searched for him through his childhood, tracking the name Calvin Darnell with no results. Now, a young man named Ahmad Thomas was contacting her on Google Plus, claiming to be her son.

I mean, holy shit. Imagine getting pregnant at 13, giving birth to a child with a serious heart condition, and then giving up that child one month later. Now imagine receiving a notification from Google Plus, 23 years later, from that same child you abandoned, who by the way you thought was dead.

I can’t even wrap my mind around that.

And if you’re the boy that was abandoned- how, what, why? A 13-year-old kid gave birth to you and thn left you alone with a heart condition, during a time you needed her the most. But she was just 13, what did she know? And she did search for you, so maybe now it’s time you search for her.

So you do and you invite her over.

Thomas and his wife, Skyler, hosted his biological parents at his home near Lambeau Field for three days in early February.

“It was like we really didn’t miss a beat,” Thomas said. “The comfortability was already there, and it was surreal. Still surreal to me. I knew who I was because my family shaped that. But I didn’t know what I was.”

“We really didn’t miss a beat.” WHAT! This is crazy! Is it possible to have a connection with someone you’ve never really met? You hear stories of twins that were separated at birth and find each other later in life having lived similar lives in totally different locations, and it’s difficult to believe and so is this.

But maybe not when you learn Thomas always had a feeling something was just a little bit off.

He doesn’t know why — perhaps basic intuition, Thomas said — but he suspected he was adopted before Marvice Thomas told her son when he was 16. During their conversation, Thomas said he learned others in his life — including his football coaches — already knew.

Hang. On. HIS COACHES KNEW? Ok, this would really, really piss me off. I can understand my mom waiting for the right opportunity to tell me I was adopted, but for her to go around telling people in my life and my coaches the truth, while leaving me in the dark? I can feel my hypothetical therapy bills pilling up just thinking about it.

“I know they were doing it out of good intentions,” Thomas said, “but it made it hard for me to trust people.”

Hell yes it made it difficult for Thomas to trust. His life is essentially one big lie, created by the person he was supposed to trust the most in the entire world, after the first person he was supposed to trust the most in the entire world abandoned him.

But Thomas is a much bigger and better person than I am. (Fuck you Dad.) He stopped running from his past, faced it head-on, and now his family includes his biological parents, who by the way are now MARRIED.

More surprising than Thomas’ connection with his parents is their own relationship. Michael and Michelle, always searching for each other, were married at a courthouse in April. A wedding is planned for next year, Thomas said.

Is anyone else completely losing their mind reading this! His biological parents got married months after meeting their one and only biological son, who happens to be a Green Bay Packer.

You literally can’t make this shit up.