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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Being Tricked By The Hidden Ball Trick

Rarely do you see Ken Griffey Jr get tricked like this, but when it happens, it’s must see TV. Credit to the Twins Manager, Billy Heywood for having the BALLS to call this play against Griffey in this situation. Also credit to the security guard down the right field line.

Game on the line Ken Griffey gets on base with a walk. What does the rookie manager do? He sacks up and calls the hidden ball trick. Jim Bowers is on the mound and throws over once, just to keep Ken in check. Before Bowers can throw over again, you get to hear Griffey talking trash to the first baseman, something he normally never did. He tells him he’s gonna steal second, third, and then probably home. Wow. This is a new Ken.

Next throw over he fakes it, but man does first baseman Lou Collins play it up. He slips over Ken, runs down the right field line, the entire dugout is pointing and jumping to show them where the ball is. Security guard even gets in on the action. They think it’s rolling around in the bullpen down the line. Meanwhile, Ken gets up and strolls to second. As he’s looking at the Twins trying to find the ball, that sneaky Bowers tosses the ball to second. HE NEVER THREW THE BALL AT ALL! They tag Griffey, and boom, they are out of the jam.

I mean the onions on a 12-year-old manager to call that play and get out of the jam, just amazing. It’s unfortunate that the Twins lost this game on a hell of a catch by none other than Ken Griffey Jr, but still, what a story this team was, and what a play it was to catch Griffey.