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Arizona State Is About To Mess Around And Become The Oregon Of College Hockey


I have to imagine that recruiting kids to go play hockey for Arizona State is a pretty similar process to walking around the street asking people if they’d like to have a million dollars. “Hey kid. Do you want to come play hockey at this dope ass school filled with warm weather, palm trees, hot girls, kick ass parties, and on top of that we’ll give you 2 new jerseys, 3 new pairs of mitts, 4 new helmets plus so many sticks that you won’t know what to do with them? Cool. Just sign right here”. 

It’s an absolute joke. No disrespect or anything but if I’m some top level recruit and my choices come down to Arizona State or some place like St. Cloud State, I’m being a Sun Devil 15 times out of 10. Sorry, I’d rather not freeze my balls off all year. I’d rather go down to Scottsdale where I can wear a different uniform combination for every single game of the season, probably never have to pick up a text book once in my life, and get to enjoy some Pac-12 football in the fall. Unless it’s a school in your home state or something and you’ve always dreamed about playing for that team, I don’t see a single reason why anybody would ever say no to Arizona State at this point. Unless, of course, they are very much stupid and hate having the best time of their life.

I’ll admit I was a little worried when Adidas first started to take over the hockey uniform game. But they do some damn clean work.

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