Fortnite Stoolie Squads With Big Cat, Coley, Smitty, Rone, Hank, El Pres, KFC, Feits, Frankie, Nate, Spyderman, PFT Commenter, Lights Camera & Jerry O'Connell

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Rumor on the street is there’s some sports guys out there that have suddenly discovered Fortnite is in fact, a thing. Whoa, digital pop culture!

Kinda reminds me of that ’82 Celts season, expectations unfulfilled and a lot of potential just wasted. But what a run after that! My dad was a fan and I’m sure yours was too.

Fortnite Friday hummed right along and we even got to educate just about all of Barstool HQ on surviving. Big Cat started out on the sticks for the first 96 minutes and we rolled from there.

Shoutout to Sliders & Jerry O’Connell that goddamn legend, WE NEED A REBOOT ASAP!