I'm Starting To Think Donovan Mitchell Will Go Down As The Most Beloved Utah Jazz Ever

I try to write a couple blogs a week highlighting the good in sports, because it’s always refreshing to see something positive. It’s starting to become redundant but Donovan Mitchell continues to be just absolutely awesome on and off the court. It’s only been a year but there’s no doubt that Mitchell has a strong case to end up as the most beloved Jazz ever.

This time it was helping out a kid who just couldn’t afford fixing his iPhone. It’s something so small and there’s no reason to think that Mitchell was doing this for praise, but he just overhears the conversation and takes care of it. No questions asked. That’s awesome and just continues Mitchell’s offseason of love.

Never forget this from the 4th of July:

Mitchell just crashing 4th of July bbq’s hanging out with fans. The dude just gets it and ever since his time at Louisville has always been one of the ‘good guys’ you hear about. He knows how to poke fun with the Rookie of the Year stuff with him and Ben Simmons and now all of this stuff.

Oh, it doesn’t help he’s good on the court too and can do things like this

Good on you, Donovan. Personally I hope you stay in Utah for your entire career and keep the franchise competing.