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Inspirational Video Displays The Struggles And Triumphs Of Overcoming Of Adult Illiteracy...Oh Wait It's Just An Ad For Some Scotch

Well looks like I’m never going to be able to fully enjoy a swig of Bell’s Extra Special Scotch. This man overcame the struggles and embarrassment of living his entire life as illiterate and he’s worthy of the drink. What have I done to earn anything like that? My biggest accomplishments recently included kind of learning how to iron my own shirts and going a full month without losing my phone. Haven’t washed my sheets since the Summer and still don’t know how to use the dishwasher correctly and this man is making incredible strides in life. That would have to be the purpose of this commercial; that he is worthy of the drink and I am not. Otherwise why would him achieving his goals of overcoming illiteracy have to do with selling liquor? Mind-bottling.

It’s like the Budweiser dog and soldier commercials from the Super Bowl. Not knocking the message at all both ads portrayed, but what the hell did either have to do with beer? Always pisses me off. Subjecting cute pups and American heroes* into a message solely to seem sappy and get you to love their product is genius, but has absolutely nothing to do with Bud Heavy’s. If it did then those ads would feature a variety of NASCAR wear, a lot less pants and a lot more trailers with furniture on the front lawn.

*O/U comments I get called a Anti-American asshole because I’d rather see our troops and veterans get real respect, care and honor instead of fake patriotism in a Super Bowl Ad which in the end is all about the bottom line of selling beer: 76.5.