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After 6 Months Of Feeling Dead Inside, Football Has Finally Arrived

It’s here, it’s here, football’s finally here!

Rodgers is back, the Pack is back, and tonight, games are back!

Is it a preseason game? Yup. Will I recognize the majority of the players actually in the game? Nope. But frankly, I don’t give a fuck. Desperate times call for desperate measures and today that spells Hall of Fame Game.

It’s the Ravens versus the Bears in a matchup that was developed because both teams have players being enshrined into the HOF this weekend. For the Ravens, it’s a guy you may have heard about through his murder trial, Ray Lewis, and for the Bears, it’s a guy who’s never been tried for murder, all-around good guy, Brian Urlacher.

While the matchup may not mean much, it will give us our first look at Lamar Jackson. Although the Ravens have confirmed over and over again that Joe Flacco is their guy, unless Jackson’s presence lights a fire under his ass, I’m not convinced Flacco will make it through the season because ever since he got paid, he blows.

Of course, certain networks will lead you to believe there is major QB controversy going on in Baltimore right now, and while that’s just nonsense at the moment, it may not be mid-way through the season. Marty Mornhinweg has already said Jackson is “way ahead of the curve,” and we all know he’s absolutely ELECTRIC, so tonight is our chance to see that electricity on the field.

As for the Bears, we’ll get to see Matt Nagy in his coaching debt. Sort of. Jordan Howard isn’t playing and it’s unlikely Mitch Trubisky will either, but it’ll be nice to hear Bears news about players actively on the team.

Today is the beginning of the greatest NFL season of all-time. Let’s gooooo.