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French Rappers Get In An All Out BRAWL In The Middle Of An Airport

Well god damn I didn’t know French rappers got down like that! That was awesome! I didn’t even know there were French rappers at at all to be honest. Not only did we all find out there are rappers from France but we also found out that they’re willing to throw down any time anywhere. That brawl was so crazy it ended up delaying a bunch of flights at that airport. That’s when you know a fight is good.

Hip hop brawls shouldn’t get me as excited as they do. Yeah it’s cool that emotional guys like Kanye and Drake run the world now and the music is great and blah blah blah but sometimes I miss the days when massive hip hop brawls could happen at a moment’s notice. You just don’t get that much anymore (Full disclosure: I don’t closely follow the Chief Keefs and Tekashi69s of the world so I could be very wrong). It was actually kinda nice to see those French rappers brawling right in the middle of a crowded airport. Innocent onlookers be damned. I mean those French beat the fuck outta that one dude. It was 6 guys on one and they whooped him. Pretty intense beating but that’s hip hop sometimes.

One of my favorite hip hop fights is the fight at the ’04 Vibe Awards where Young Buck stabbed a guy