Now We Have People Bringing Fucking Leather Couches Onto The Subway

People of New York City, bend the knee. This is your new king. Nobody that ever sat on the Iron Throne of Westeros has ever felt higher than the peasants surrounding him/her than this old man getting ready to take a fucking nap on his leather couch while riding the subway. I don’t know if this old coot was lugging that couch to a home, a street corner, a mole people underground lair, or just to that exact spot of the train directly in front of an exit. But it doesn’t matter. He now can venture anywhere that subway tracks have been laid with class and comfort in a place usually reserved for miserable hordes of humanity. I’m sure getting that leather couch down the stairs and onto the train wasn’t easy. But I have nothing but #re2pect for the man that pulled it off so he can enjoy the subway’s fantastic air conditioning while ensuring he doesn’t have to sit on a bench likely occupied by a nearly dead homeless person at some point in the last 24 hours or stand up. True King of New York shit.