Dashcam Footage Shows a Chinese Taxi Driver Fall Asleep Behind The Wheel For a Full Minute

Daily Mail

A taxi driver has been caught falling asleep for nearly a minute while driving on a motorway in China. He only woke up after his car veered off course and crashed into road barriers. It is reported that the driver, known by his surname He, was finishing his night shift when he dozed off at the wheel. He has been sacked by his company.

The incident occurred in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, last Friday. He was driving on Bao’an Avenue near the airport at around 6pm, reported People’s Daily Online, citing Shenzhen Evening News. The report said He worked for the local Ganglong Taxi Company.

A spokesperson from the company told Shenzhen Evening News that He was most likely to have fallen asleep due to fatigue. Luckily the roads were largely empty at the time, so the crash did not cause any injuries, the spokesperson said.

Is anyone else impressed besides me? I feel like this guy is better at driving asleep than the entire state of New Jersey is while awake. I mean my dude is cruising down the streets just minding his own business as the rest of the world is unaware he’s completely passed the fuck out. That’s fucking terrifying and incredibly lucky. It’s also not like this was at 3 in the morning. Nope. This was at 6:00 PM rush hour and somehow the streets were completely empty. Easily could have been a massive car accident killing innocent people. Fucking idiot.

The only time I’ve ever been pulled over in my life was driving back from Syracuse. My allergies were so bad that I popped in a Nyquill to stop it, not realizing how drowsy I was about to get for my 4.5 hour trip home. About 30 minutes into my ride I was for sure done while my idiot girlfriend at the time was asleep in the passenger seat. Eventually I was pulled over for speeding because I literally had no idea what I was doing on the road. I got a 5 hour energy and was good the rest of the way, but goddamn that was scary. I think that was also my first time popping in a NyQuill so I also learned the power that drug has. Low-key, NyQuill could be the most powerful thing attainable on Earth. You pop that baby in at night and you wake up the next morning like you blacked out.