A Lunatic On Staten Island Sprayed Gasoline All Over A Gas Station Before Lighting It On Fire And Almost Setting Himself Ablaze

CBS- Police are looking for a man seen on video starting a fire at a New York City gas station, a blaze that seriously injured another man nearby. It was reported around 2 a.m. Monday at a gas station in the borough of Staten Island.

Police say the gas station’s fire extinguisher system put out the flames, but a 21-year-old man suffered internal injuries. He’s hospitalized in serious, but stable, condition.

I see a lot of crazy, stupid shit while fishing for blogs here at Barstool, but this sick son of a bitch is definitely is at the top of the list. Clearly if you are willing to spill gas everywhere and light it on fire, not all your dogs are barking. If I ever feel like doing hoodrat shit with my friends in Grand Theft Auto and decide to blow up a gas station, I am still being super careful so I can survive the blast and don’t have to pay a few virtual bucks to be revived at the hospital. And that’s just in a video game.

But this stupid motherfucker almost blew his own ass up in real life. And to be honest, I was hoping that would happen. Yeah seeing some guy in the real world turn into the Human Torch is messed up. But so is seeing some idiot trying to kill a bunch of random people happily going about their lives at a gas station because some dude is completely twisted. Actually let me clarify that. Nobody is happy at the gas station. Sure there may be moments of happiness when you go to the snacks section of the convenience store or if you get a good whiff of that gasoline smell. But other than that, the gas station is pretty miserable place that people are forced to go to as long as fossil fuels rule the world. All those TVs playing shitty late night talk show skits or boring ass ESPN segments don’t help matters either. But I suppose watching a dumb asshole try to burn down a gas station despite lighting a fire directly next to the extinguishers while also turning into Eric from Billy Madison during the Home Ec part of the academic decathlon wouldn’t be the worst way to pass the time while fueling up.