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The NFL Season Is Still Weeks Away But Injuries Are Already Getting A Head Start

I know he’s just doing his job, but damn, Adam Shefter has one of the most depressing Twitter accounts out there.

Lord have mercy! Training camps JUST started and yet the roster of injuries is already staggering:

  • Broncos LT- carted off the field
  • Browns TE- quad injury
  • Browns TE- concussion
  • Chargers TE- torn ACL
  • Chargers TE- torn ACL
  • Chargers CB- torn Achilles
  • Bucs rookie DT- strained calf
  • Jets RB- broken foot
  • Panthers OT- dislocated right patella, torn MCL
  • Steelers LG- hyperextended knee
  • Cowboys WR- shoulder injury
  • Redskins DT- ankle injury

Welp, I guess the Browns just aren’t going to line up with a tight end. Or the Chargers. Hell, at this rate I’m not sure San Diego LA is going to have any players left with fully intact body parts. And of course, a list of tragedies wouldn’t be complete without some sort of Jets mention, so shout out to Elijah McGuire who was supposed to be a big part of the backfield but whose foot fracture will cause him to miss some time. The pluses here, at least it’s only 3-6 weeks, and at least it was an injury caused by the game and not a teammate. (Bonus plus, the Jets officially locked down Sam Darnold so now they have someone to not hand off the ball to McGuire. Progress people.)

Andddd because karma’s a bitch, let’s officially add a couple Packers to that list.

As I was being a snarky bitch about the Jets, the news came through that starting safety Kentrell Brice was carted off the field while covering his face, and starting LB Jake Ryan was also carted off the field “screaming in pain.”

Funny, so am I.

Yay football.