Bryson DeChambeau Melts Down On The European Tour Then Gives Dogshit Handshake To Winner

The meltdown.

The handshake.

The apology.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.53.04 AM

Bryson DeChambeau has to be the weirdest motherfucker in golf. Just a bizarre dude. He’s got this mad scientist thing going on complete with the single-length clubs, compasses to read greens, the side saddle putting.

The range implosion.

Now, it’s tough because I usually like weird. I dig weird. But this kind of weird? Not sure I like this. I’m torn because in golf you root for anyone who’s different. Anyone who’s not just a cookie cutter, boring country club kid. Bryson isn’t that, but he also isn’t shaking hands and losing gracefully. You have to lose well in golf. Golf loves when you lose with class. I think golf respects that more than winning.

And Bryson didn’t do that. I’m torn on this guy. A million reasons to hate him but plenty of weirdness to like him. Hopefully he figures it out.