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Naturally The Celtics/Friends Mashup Is the Best The Internet Has Seen So Far

As has become my calling in life, it is my job that when I come across a well done NBA/TV Theme song mashup that I share it with you fine people. I’ve done a handful of blogs on these dating back to the Raptors/Office one during the regular season, and naturally leave it up to the Boston Celtics and Celtics Twitter to bring the motherfucking heat. Go ahead, take a second and watch it again, we have the time.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite part to be honest, from the beautiful dab transition from Yabu to Jaylen, to Mook grabbing a little cheek, to Tatum dunking on Lebron, to the ending with Brad’s infectious smile. Pretty sure I may be a little pregnant after watching Brad look at my like that about 50 times. And you see, while other fanbases will try and continue to make these for their own squad, there is really only one king, and unless your star point guard has a Friends tattoo on his fucking arm, you’re just battling for second place

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 9.49.30 AM

Now remember, not all of these mashups are good. Remember that Lakers/Office one from a few weeks ago? That one stunk out loud, and that’s not my anti-Laker bias showing, that’s my I have eyes and ears showing. However, if I’m going to be fair, the Lakers/Friends one that went viral yesterday was muuuuuuuch better

As I’ve stated I am a sucker for these things, so as they continue to come out I’ll make sure to share them with all of you because we all deserve to have a little fun on the internet every once in a while.