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FIFA Pro Alekzandur Came On Gametime Simply To Wipe The Fútbol Floor With Zah And Some Stoolies Online

Watch Mickstape FIFA Create-A-Player to prepare for MLS All-Star game this Saturday from Barstoolsports on

We had Zah, we had CHAMPION GODKING Smitty, and we had FIFA Pro Alex Garcia. He’s one of 32 finalists in the FIFA eWorld Cup next week and in fact the ONLY American remaining. Absolutely no mercy shown by him on Gametime here and whew boy does he have some MOVES.

Smitty was there as well to recap his amazing, unbelievable, unfortunate (for our pageviews) Victory Royale last night. We’ll back at 1 pm today with Fortnite Friday and getting weird with the Stoolie Squad. Come on down y’all!

Follow Alekzandur on his journey to London for the eWorld Cup…