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Little MMA Squirt Can Throw Some Serious Heat

If only this fun-sized Chuck Liddell was in my schoolyard crew. The POG, Lunchable and Sega Genesis game trading markets would be on lockdown. See your girl flirting with your mortal enemy on the Wall Ball court by ignoring then pegging him in the nuts? Send in the kid to settle shit for you before cooties have been transferred and she’s lost forever. Little issue with the lack of cardio, but nothing that can be fixed. But seriously, there hasn’t been someone that out of breath since Marlon Brando died or the last pizza review video.

Now all we need is a worthy opponent. Put him in the ring vs an angry Peter Dinklage, Little Hercules or Nate with a battleaxe and you’ve got yourself get an evenly matched rumble worthy of PPV. Good fight, good night.