Final Round British Open Ratings Match 18-year High Set During Tiger's 2000 Win At St. Andrews


Just a reminder that there’s one big dick in the game and one big dick only. Sure the golf hardcores can rant and rave about how healthy the youth movement makes the pro game. They can ramble on and on about Spieth, Rory, DJ, Rickie, JT and Rahm bringing an exciting new era to the game.

But numbers don’t lie. Big Dick’s finally back in town and with him comes the eyes, the ears, and the massive ratings. A 5.0 at the British Open on a hot July Sunday morning / early afternoon? Amazing. The guy turned more eyeballs onto the Valspar Championship than most majors get.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.29.16 PM

Love him or hate him, you’re tuning in to watch him. Big time Tiger hater Dave Portnoy tunes in. Big Cat, also a renowned Tiger hater, tunes in. Tiger’s magnetic. Haters want to hate him; men want to be him; women want to fuck him.

Big Dick Eldrick is, at the very least, back in town. And he’s ushered in a new era.

PS — Watching this is fun.