Good News Spurs Fans, Rudy Gay And DeMar DeRozan Already Look Unstoppable Together!

Ok look, I know this is not the first time these two have been paired with each other. They were teammates in Toronto from 2012-2014, and while the Raptors missed the playoffs one year and then were eliminated the next year the in the first round, don’t let the facts get in the way of some good summer basketball hype. You can’t put a price on familiarity if you ask me and these two clearly have it. I will also take this time to remind you that during those two years both Rudy Gay and DeRozan were basically 20ppg scorers, and now that they are both a little older and haven’t played with each other since outside of Team USA, based on what we saw from that video at the Drew League, the Spurs and their fans have nothing to worry about. Who needs Kawhi anyway when you see these two playing like this. Forget that DeRozan is 28 and Gay is 32 this season, both are coming off pretty solid years and clearly have a good amount left in the tank. Everyone knows Drew League performances 100% translate to the NBA regular season.

I also wanted to post this blog so I could speak one of my all time basketball bucket list items into existence. It’s nothing crazy, but I would love to head to LA and watch games at The Drew. Unfortunately I am handcuffed to my desk like the rest of you so unfortunately all I can do is watch the highlights on YouTube. Much like the Vegas Summer League the Drew League seems to get bigger and better each summer, and it’s not like some of these Pro Ams or whatever that have one or two NBA guys just clowning on everyone. From what I can tell the Drew League has legit NBA talent all over it as well as some of the best up and coming young talent heading into college basketball next season. It just seems like an awesome time, I’ve just never been able to burn the PTO and a plane ticket and head out there for it. One day though, I feel like there’s a content idea in there somewhere.

I mean just look at some of the stuff that’s gone down so far this summer and tell me this wouldn’t be awesome to see in person. If you’ve gone to the Drew League before, how was it? Is it worth the trip out there? Everything the internet tells me says yes, which is why it’s high on my basketball bucket list.

(lol at Big Baby’s 37 points)