Bar Fight Features A Move That Will Talked About For Centuries - Dude Beats Everybody Up With His Flip Flops

Another day, another reinvention of the bar and street fight game.  We’ve seen it all.  The rise of flying elbow dropsThe rise of broom bashings.   And now we’ve got a move that will redefine the altercation game all over again –

Beating faces in with your flip flop sandals.

Talk about resourceful.  A good lesson to learn for all your non self-starters out there with a knack for pissing people off at a bar.  You won’t always have weapons around.  There won’t always be a cache of swords and brass knuckles and ninja sticks.  Sometimes you’re left with nothing but your two fists and your wits.  And your flip flops.  Add in the humiliation factor of getting your ass whooped with a pair of Havianas and you’ve got yourself a game changing fight strategy.  Nobody will mess with this kid again, I don’t care how far his Vineyard Vines shirt is tucked into his Bonobos.  His dad might not be a lawyer but he’s got some flip flops that will smack the taste out of your mouth.

Combine it with one of the aforementioned Macho Man Randy Savages and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable fight plan.