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Smitty Vs Skin & Bones In BBQ Eating Competition Warm-Up For Wing Bowl

Did arguably a little better than the previous eating/vomiting adventure: Attempting To Eat 33 Tacos In 13 Minutes. But that’s neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is we officially have our first Barstool Philly sponsored “athlete”, and his name is Skin & Bones. Dude has a legit shot in taking down the title this year at the 2014 Wing Bow and we’ll be there with him every step of the way. If you’re down in South Philly this Thursday night/Friday morning and are able to still stand, join up with us as we ride Skin & Bones to victory, $20,000 and, win or lose, most likely the classiest strip club Philly has to offer at 10am. C-sections ahoy mateys!


IMPORTANT: We need a truck to help transport Skin & Bones float for the Wing Bowl entrance parade from Manayunk to South Philly on Thursday night. If there’s any Stoolies going to the Wing Bowl with a normal truck with a flatbed to be able to help out and hang out, we’ll throw you a couple bucks and a limited edition, hand knitted scarf imported from the foreign lands of Brooklyn. Time’s yours. Hit me up on Twitter @SmittyBarstool or email

Thanks to Deke’s BBQ in Manayunk and as always @PaleoRomano for the filming/editing deliciousness.