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How Weird Is The NFL Doctoring a 2017 Chief's Season Recap Video To Protect Fuhrer Goodell?

Last September, Feitelberg asked me if I wanted to go to the Patriots home opener, a night also known as Operation Clownface. We left the office around 4pm and drove up through Connecticut to try and make the 8pm start time. I had never been to Foxborough but thought going for the first time while supporting the cause was a no brainer as a Barstool employee. Got to see Tom Brady in the flesh, and even though it wasn’t a great game for #12, it was pretty cool to see him operate in person. Something you tell your kids about. Stayed til the end of the game where Feitelberg recorded the “Enjoy Your Heirlooms” video, which came 8 points away from being one of the all-time prophetic videos, sat in 3 hours of traffic leaving the stadium, and got back to New York at 6am.

Just another fun night enjoying being an American sports fan. Flash forward to July 19th, 2018. Got a tweet from someone saying they were watching a Chiefs season recap on NFL Network, and thought they saw me in the video. A harmless Tweet, just a funny observation. There was one interesting caveat to the screenshot though…

Listen, it doesn’t seem like something they would do. Are they at a level of paranoia that includes doctoring AFC West season highlight videos? Why did they not just choose a different crowd shot that didn’t have as blatant of a clown face? Did they explain to the editing intern why his job was to use Adobe After Effects to alter a fan’s shirt for a meaningless 2 second crowd shot? There are a ton of interesting questions involved. An organization so hellbent on truth and honesty is an odd candidate to propagandize a RANDOM crowd shot in a Kansas City Chiefs season recap video, but its just something worth taking a look at.