Mike Gundy Says Kids Don't Like To Farm Anymore Because They Play Fortnite

Listen I have the utmost respect for farmers and what they provide to our grocery stores.  I love tomatoes.  I love potatoes.  I love corn on the cob especially in the summertime.  Farmer’s Markets are super cool and hipster and a great addition to a day date.  One of my favorite people at Barstool is Corn Boy Trent.  There’s something nostalgic and romantic about the idea of hardworking midwesterners plowing their fields and cultivating the land.

I’m just saying farmers don’t sell out arenas.  Nobody watches farmers on Twitch streams.  Nobody gives scholarships to farmers (I haven’t fact checked this.) Nobody follows farmers on social media.  Farmers don’t sit in air conditioned rooms on a comfy couch mashing buttons together in simulated warfare.  It’s just a fact.   If you’re a young kind coming up, which one do you want to be given the option?

One of these guys?

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Or one of these guys?

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Easy decision.  Gamers in 2018 get all the love and fame and fortune.  Farmers just get long days in the heat and maybe tractor trailers given to them by Coach Pete Bell.