Uganda Celebrating Their Win At The World Lacrosse Championships Taking You Into The Weekend

The Ugandan national team played in their first World Lacrosse Championships back in 2014. They went 0-3 in pool play but ended up getting their first ever win at the WLC in the play-in bracket that year against Korea. They finished that tournament ranked 34th out of 38 teams in the world. Now the Cranes are back 4 years later and looking to climb up the rankings a little further this year in Israel. As it appears, the boys are right on track after earlier today they picked up their first ever win in pool play with a 7-6 win over Luxembourg. And the boys? Well they were certainly buzzin.

And that right there is the beauty of the World Lacrosse Championships. Sure, it may just be one win in one game. But the amount of pride these guys have in winning that game for their country is awesome. Think about it. I’m sure every kid on Yale was pretty hype about winning the National Championship back on Memorial Day. But did you hear them chanting “Yale! Yale! Yale!” afterwards? Negative. But Uganda beating Luxembourgh in WLC pool play? Let the goddamn party begin. And they’ll have a chance to do it again tomorrow Hong Kong.

So I hope all you beauties out there have at least half as much fun this weekend as the Ugandan national team does winning games at the World Lacrosse Championships.

P.S. – Tomorrow’s televised broadcast schedule:

  • USA vs Australia @ 7:30am on ESPNU
  • Canada vs Scotland @ 11am on ESPNU

Oh, and shoutout to Team Jamaica on snagging their first ever win at the WLC today. What a crew right here.