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Yeah-Yeah From The Sandlot Continues Doing The Douche Thing In Old Spice Ad

Yeah-Yeah firing from all cylinders lately! YAHTZEE!!!

Is it considered acting when you’re portraying yourself in real-life? The only reason R. Lee Emery wasn’t nominated for an Oscar in Full Metal Jacket is because he was a real life drill sergeant. Couldn’t be too hard for this meat packer to go full method acting for this ad. Not exactly Daniel Day Lewis here living alone in the woods for 6 months for Last Of The Mochicans or legitimately travelling back in time to channel Lincoln. So I guess Yeah-Yeah won’t be taking home that Clio award, after all. Damn shame, too. Could’ve used something else to put on the moviestar CV besides his one role from 20 years ago being spotted meatsticking it out on TMZ a couple times a month.

No joke – Open up Executive Spray Tan Party idea Northern Jersey and Long Island and somebody is going to make billions. Whoever it is will blow it all away on steroids, coke and multiple alimonies, but hey, it’s about the journey.