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Mr. Kraft Takes His Girlfriend to The Billionaire's Summer Camp, Allen & Co.

Allen & Co2

SourceRobert Kraft brought a very special guest with him to Allen & Co this year, with girlfriend Ricki Lander joining the New England Patriots owner at the annual conference.

This marks the first time that Lander, 38, has been to the Sun Valley retreat, which Kraft, 76, attends every year.

Lander was not seen with Kraft when he arrived on Tuesday, but was photographed with the Patriots owner on Wednesday morning heading to the first session of the day.

This latest appearance together seemed to confirm that the two are indeed still going strong after Lander welcomed a child late last year.

Lander shared her first photo of daughter Monarch … back in May, with the post suggesting that despite previous reports the baby was born this year.

That would confirm speculation that Lander had the child via a surrogate, as she has been seen in public with Kraft multiple times since the holiday season, and at no point appeared to pregnant.

‘This year has been overflowing with love, light and blessings. A beautiful little angel came into our lives,’ wrote Lander.

Take that, haters. All you anonymous Internet Cowboys, riding on your desk chairs firing your Twitter guns at this great man when little Monarch’s birth was announced. Calling him a cuckold when he announced the child was not his but he would offer this blessed event all his love and support. I stood alone against you bandits to defend Mr. Kraft’s and Ricki Lander’s honor. Like Jeff Bridges in True Grit telling you to fill your hands, you sons o’ bitches. And I was right. Monarch is a surrogate child, brought into a wonderful relationship between two soulmates to form a perfect family. Just like I said.

There is love, and then there is the kind of love that can only be expressed by taking a family vacation to the most exclusive gathering in the world. The Billionaire’s Summer Camp. The people who go to Allen & Co every summer make the crowd at Churchill Downs on Derby Day look like the unwashed mob at the local greyhound track. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Warren Buffett. Jerry Yang of Yahoo. Dan Gilbert from Quicken Loans. Lebron James. Well forget Lebron. But anyone who’s worth being close personal friends with the way I am with RKK is there. The folks stepping out of their Gulfstreams in Sun Valley could buy and sell the whole crew meeting at the NATO Summit and have Putin thrown in for free.

That’s where my man the proud surrogate papa took his honey while the slobs who mocked him are wondering if they can afford a weekend at a La Quinta Inn near the beach someplace. And a man of his stature doesn’t travel with a lady who’d ever do him dirty like you pervs were so quick to assume. So let’s all just agree that I was right and you were wrong. And hope that the power brokers at Allen & Co. are smart enough to listen to the most business savvy man there. If they’re looking for him, he’s the one with the lovely 38-year-old on his arm while he’s pushing a baby stroller and has a diaper bag slung over his shoulder.