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We Have The First Inside Look At The New Mission Impossible's Fight Scenes

People like to call us Marvel and Star Wars shills here at LCB, but the reality is that we ride-0r-die for a few things. The Rock, Ryan Gosling, Brendan Fraser, and Mission Impossible. We have been hyping up this bathroom fight scene and Henry Cavill cocking his fists like their guns for months now, and this partial feature of the fight did not disappoint. Also featured is part of the Paris chase, Cavill’s introduction, a casino fight, and the HALO jump which I blogged a few weeks ago.

MI is an outstanding franchise that somehow keeps getting better. The reaction to this installment has so far been overwhelmingly positive, and it looks to be one of the top summer blockbusters on the year.

While I have you, we interviewed Rawson Thurber, director of ‘Skyscraper’ on today’s episode which was a blast. He also directed ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’, ‘We Are The Millers’, ‘Central Intelligence’, and most impressively to me, the Terry Tate: Office Linebacker commercials.

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