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Manny Machado Homers Twice As The Orioles Beat The Yankees.....Again

Obviously the Orioles season isn’t going well. It’s actually going very bad. You know what makes it better? Beating the Yankees when them and their fake ass fans from Severna Park come into Camden Yards with their jerseys with last names on them. That is what they have done this week, they’ve taken 2 of 3 from the Yankees with another game to play. Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game, I love how the Orioles play the Yankees this season. The Birds are 26-66, a cool 40 games under .500, 37.5 games back in the division, and are 3-7 in their last 10 games. The worst team in the league, yet when the Yankees and O’s square off, the Birds are 5-4 against them (add in the 2 games against the Mets and the Orioles are 7-4 against teams from NY, suck it Clem). When the Red Sox play the Orioles, it’s a bloodbath every time. The Yankees are constantly playing down the Orioles level this season, and I love it. Obviously I wish the Orioles weren’t 40 games under before the All Star break, but since that is the case, I am only here for the Manny Machado farewell tour, and making sure the Yankees don’t win the division. I expect a gift basket from every Boston fan for basically handing them the division since the Orioles seem to be a thorn in the Yankees side.

Like it has been all year, last nights game was “The Manny Machado Show” as he continues to mash while being surrounded by trade rumors every second of his life. The home run he hit off Tanaka was an absolute bomb, tied for the longest homer by the Orioles this season at 444 feet. I mean he pissed on this ball like it was Cousin Yuri’s kitchen. A no-doubter the second it left the bat. That laser was Manny’s 22nd of the season, and tied the game at 3.

Machado came up again in the 7th with Adam Jones on first and the Orioles down 2, no problem. Machado went opposite field and homered for the 2nd time in the game, again, tying the game. It looks like Aaron Judge misjudged (get it) the ball and couldn’t quite reel it in. Sucks to suck, Shrek. The home run was looked at, but I mean it was clearly a homer. He will be traded, and fairly soon, which sucks. It sucks the team screwed this up, a franchise type player and they don’t even attempt to re-sign him. Just have to sit back and take in every moment Manny is in that Orioles uniform, because come this time next week, he probably won’t be.

Zach Britton is starting to look like his old self and worked a scoreless 9th. Just another trade chip for the club who is doing his job. Bottom 9 is when the Orioles worked their magic. Caleb Joseph was plunked by Dellin Betances, Tim Beckham flew out to right field, Adam Jones perfectly placed a double down the right field line into that little corner to advance Caleb to third, Manny was IBB’d because of course he was, Mark Trumbo struck out, which left the bases loaded for Jonathan Schoop with 2 outs.

Schoop didn’t hit the ball particularly hard, but it got by Greg Bird who seemed to have little interest in stopping it, strange game plan from Bird. I don’t want to brag, but I played first in my softball league on Sunday and made practically the same play, it’s not a hard one, but shout out to Bird for pretending he was a bullfighter.

A hard fought victory by the Birds in a game where they easily could have laid down and took their L. Instead they walked off the Yankees for their 26th win of the year. Orioles magic, feel it happen. SMD, Yankees.