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I Am Not This Sex Offender Who Escaped Jail And Is On The Run In Kentucky

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MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. — A registered sex offender who is considered dangerous and who has ties to Columbus, managed to escape as he was being transported to jail. According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Mark Allen Crouch escaped from a Martin County Jail transport person. The sheriff said Crouch carjacked a gray Ford Crown Victoria while in custody. He has a tattoo on his right neck with “Riley” and “Elisha” on his left forearm. Crouch’s chest area is heavily tatted with Ohio State at the top. 

Just wanted to get out ahead of this story. Alert the media and then you control the story. Wait for them to find out and the story controls you. I am not the sex offender fugitive running around Kentucky. Yeah he looks like me. Some might even say he looks a lot like me. I’ve said it before, it’s a numbers game. We’ve already established that I have the most doppelgängers in the world which means they can’t all be saints. There’s gonna be some bad apples in the bunch and Mark Allen Crouch is a bad apple. He’s a bad dude and the Trents Of The World (TOTW) don’t claim him. It really sucks that this dude is from Ohio cause anyone not from the Midwest just assumes that Iowa and Ohio are the same thing. So that’s a real bitch. Again, that’s not me.

PS- I’ve recently been thinking about maybe a getting tattoo but I’m now rethinking my thinking about getting a tattoo.