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Bad News, Guys: Fragile Masculinity Has Been Exposed Thanks To User With Cat Profile Picture


My masculine world was turned upside down this weekend, thanks to this tweet:

This tweet came from “Nun Ya,” a self proclaimed “sex worker” and “lazy writer,” whose profile is complete with a cat profile picture and the location of “Irrelevance, USA:”

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 1.58.41 PM

If you told me a few weeks ago that my masculine world would be exposed thanks to a Twitter user named “Nun Ya” I would’ve called you crazy! Just kidding, I wouldn’t have been that surprised considering that is how Twitter works. A great way to blow up your mentions on Twitter is to talk about “toxic masculinity” or be an attractive female and post a selfie with the caption “what’s on your mind?”

As with most viral content on, this photo was taken completely out of context to accomplish some weird virtue signal. The photo of Kike Hernandez and Kelli Tennant was from 2017. Kike, FULL of fragile masculinity, was seen joking about it on Twitter:

Following Wednesday’s 4-2 win over the Rockies, Dodgers outfielder Kiké Hernandez had a post-game interview with Dodgers reporter Kelli Tennant. If you’re not familiar with Tennant’s work, you might not be aware that, as a former collegiate volleyball player, she is quite tall. The USC athletic department, where she played collegiately, lists her as 6’2″.

How this Twitter user stumbled upon this photo in a year later is beyond me. My bet is on a Tumblr.

Oddly enough, Nun Ya, a “sex worker” according to her bio, is being an old-school baseball purist. Thank God for her exposing Kike Hernandez for what he is, a fragile man who is making a MOCKERY of the game of baseball:

To all the fragile masculine men out there, sorry about this. On a weekend celebrating July 4th, your entire world has become toxic:


P.s. Nobody tell Nun Ya that Kike is from Puerto Rico. This would make her tweet **gasps** racist. 

P.s.s Very heightist of Nun Ya. 

P.s.s.s. Nothing worse than people who go viral and reply to their tweets asking for something: