This Is The Future Mrs. Justin Bieber

I usually couldn’t care less about celebrity gossip. It’s never really been my thing. However, Justin Bieber getting engaged kinda supersedes your average daily dose of Hollywood. It has been literally everywhere (including Dave Portnoy’s best Bieber moments).

Purpose was fire. JB is a banger machine. Now he’s officially off the market (for now). But I realize there are probably a lot of dudes (and girls, can’t exclude anyone) out there that have zero idea who Hailey Baldwin is.

On top of that fantastic breakdown from the PMT guys above, I figured I’d share a few visuals with you fine folks of the future Mrs. Justin Bieber. You know, so you can put a face to the name. That’s what we do here at Barstool. Educate.

And lastly, she proved on Jimmy Fallon that she can open beer bottles with her teeth. In case you were wondering.