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This Michael Jackson Impersonator Hitting A Moonwalk DDT Took The Internet By Storm This Weekend

In a fantastic weekend for combat sports and professional wrestling alike, the show might’ve been stolen completely by the most unlikely of sources.

This Michael Jackson impersonator took place in a match at an independent wrestling show in Las Vegas, and when he got the tag, made the best of it with one of the most unique moves I’ve seen in quite some time. A Moonwalk DDT! Perfect for the character, perfectly executed, and it went ABSURDLY viral in a flash. I feel like I must’ve seen this on every social media account that ever existed this weekend to the point where it just ruined Instagram and Facebook completely. Nothin’ but shares and tags of the ol’ Moonwalk DDT. Whatever though, it’s pretty clever, and funny enough, and even got the attention of the moonwalking SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella!

Pulled a classic, “Oh, why didn’t I think of that? Wait, I can just steal it under the guise of one-upmanship!”

I hope this spawns a trend of more historical figures being depicted as professional wrestling characters in the future. I always thought a JFK vs Nixon feud for the United States Championship would be amazing if done in the right setting. Kennedy goes over in the big main event, has a dominant run as a babyface champion for a while, but then takes a wild chairshot to the back of the head in the post-match celebration of one of his victories from a masked wrestler (right in front of his manager Ms. Jackie) and is forced into retirement. Big time heel heat there. Or you could just capitalize on the success of ‘Hamilton’ and do the whole Alexander Hamilton vs Aaron Burr feud. There’s really endless possibilities that include Adolf Hitler getting powerbombed through tables and shit, and who wouldn’t watch that?

P.S. Huge potential for a Michael Jackson heel turn somewhere down the line. And a clothesline reversal by hitting a Smooth Criminal lean.