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Lost In The Shuffle Yesterday, How About The Guy Who Ran On The Field Going Full Dong Show In Everyone's Face

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First of all, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a streaker stay on a field untouched longer than this guy did yesterday. Literally got bored with running around and came back wondering why he wasn’t arrested yet. Way to have that security on lockdown Brazil.



But more importantly, if you’re going to get arrested and end up on televisions across the world you can’t end be all boned out. You just Can’t. Rule 1 of running on the field, don’t get a boner when a bunch of security guards put their hands on you. Awful look. Because instead of saving the Favelas or whatever the fuck the point of this was it’s guy with a half a chub in his sweatpants. You blew it, way to go Favela superman, your boner blew it.


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