Matt Serra Spent The Night Before His UFC Hall Of Fame Induction Subduing A Drunk Asshole In Vegas

Being inducted into your sport’s Hall of Fame is an honor unlike any other. Your name, and legacy, forever etched in history among the greats that your sport has to offer. I can’t even imagine the feeling that comes along with that. You’d probably want to take everything in the week of the ceremony, appreciating it all and remembering every second of it, having the happiest and most peaceful few days of your life.

OR you could do like Matt Serra, and spend that time completely neutralizing the drunk asshole giving waiters and waitresses a hard time at the restaurant you’re at less than 24 hours before the ceremony itself.

My favorite part of this video, other than the Jedi-esque use of Serra’s Brazilian jiu jitsu blackbelt (for defense or knowledge, but never to hurt), is the idiot on the ground going from “I’m gonna fuck you up!” to “I’m gonna press charges!” in a matter of seconds when he realized he was literally incapable of getting up – or moving…at all. Neither of those things are gonna happen, pal, because all the former UFC Welterweight Champion did to you was get into full mount and lock down wrist control. Ain’t no police force in the world having sympathy for that.

Serra’s so funny, too, just laughing at the guy and politely asking him to calm down while making sure the security guards are ready to take over. If you listen to the UFC unfiltered podcast, watch Dana White’s Lookin’ For A Fight, or know anything about Serra, really, you know that’s just his personality. A truly awesome common man.