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JPP Posted A GRUESOME Picture Of His Hand Injury On Instagram To Remind People To Be Safe On The 4th Of July

Excuse me for a minute…

Okay, much better.

I’ll admit that JPP going J. Walter Weatherman on the internet to make sure nobody fools around with fireworks on Independence Day seems a tad aggressive. But the message definitely got through to me. I will not even look at a sparkler let alone a Roman Candle or an M-80 on the 4th after seeing that post. Shit I may quit smoking even though I don’t smoke, push my diet start date from tomorrow to today, and start going to church again after seeing that picture.

The fact JPP was even able to play in the NFL again, let alone at a high level, is especially incredible after seeing that. And the fact JPP willingly shared that personal, horrifying picture with the world because it may stop one fucking moron from ending up in the ER is admirable as fuck.

I imagine the only person that was not terrified of that picture was Adam Schefter, who likely reacted like this as he imagined what it would have been like to leak a raw picture of JPP’s mangled hand before any other Big J Journo.

Happy 4th of July everyone. Have fun and be safe!