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This Will Manny Goal From The MLL All-Star Game Was, As The Kids These Days Say, Absolutely Preposterous

Holy shit, bud. Are you serious? That was just silly. I can tell you right now–if you ask Will Manny what his favorite movie is, the answer is Airborne (1993)

He knows he has his defender hung. As soon as he sees Jack Kelly throw his hands up in the cage, he knows he’s not in a position to make a save so he does what any true beauty would do in that situation. He keeps the dive alive.

Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. This goal right here brings a tear to my eye it’s so beautiful. From a standstill, full extension, one hand and manages to stuff it in the top right corner from the left pipe. This is Gary Gait/Chazz Woodson level right here. Just a couple legends of the dive, and now Will Manny is right up there in the same conversation with those guys. Hell, I think The Crease Dive may even need to just make that GIF our new logo.

And in case you missed it, last night was the Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game. It was the MLL All-Stars taking on Team USA as they get ready for the World Lacrosse Championships in Israel next month. As far as All Star Games in professional sports go, every 4 years the MLL always has the best because this is a legitimate rivalry. Almost all of the guys on the MLL All Star team are guys that were passed on by Team USA for the World Championship roster. So all of these guys have something to prove in this game and make US Lacrosse regret not picking them up. And these games always end up coming down to the wire with this year’s game heading into overtime. And in the overtime period, who was there to be the hero for the MLL All Stars?

Mr. William Manny IV.

Not a bad pay day for the kid.

He could probably buy a bunch of these shirts now.