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Walking Dead Releasing Zombie Equivalent Of 'Pokemon Go!' App

Living in NYC during the Summer of 2016, you couldn’t escape the Pokemon Go! craze. With Nintendo experiencing an estimated $7 Billion market growth in the first month of the release alone, corporations were jumping to cash in on the craze, & even mom & pop shops hopped on with the trend. It was everywhere I turned.

On top of advertising, every park became a sea of iPhone zombies, wondering aimlessly, rushing for hot catches, & staring down into the glowing screens before them.

Now, along with zombie-like humans, there will be actual zombies among them (good one, Kate). A&E releases The Walking Dead: Our World app on Google Play & the Apple iStore on Thursday, July 12th.

The location based mobile game will transport players into the zombie apocalypse as they fight off walkers in augmented reality. According to the official game site you’ll be able to:

-Get out in the real world to move your avatar in the game
-Collect stashes, find missions and rescue survivors with other players
-Build a team based on real characters like Rick, Michonne & Daryl…
-Team up with other players to join weekly challenges
-Play to gain recognition and collaborate for bigger rewards

Going off the trailer (boring storyline until 01:18 if you want to skip ahead & see what the game will be like), it seems like Pokemon Go!, but instead of Pokemons popping up, it will be weapons like MP5K submachine guns, grenades, & katana swords that you have to grab as you avoid zombies & fight them off. Characters from the show also appear & help out, and it shows that you can work with your friends to defeat zombies together as well. Basically, it’s Pokemon Go! on speedballs.

If you’re into this sort of thing, please try not to run into me on the sidewalk. Other than that, if it’s a hit, I’m sure everything will be fine.