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Breaking News - Elena Delle Donne Out Indefinitely With Lyme Disease





The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. What a rollercoaster the past 24 hours have been for Chicago Basketball. Doug McDermott, Billy Baron (just signed a summer league deal with the Bulls) and now this news. God doesn’t want us to fly too close to the sun I guess. Can’t have it all. Brutal





I know there is talk about my love for the WNBA being a “schitick” so heres the deal as honestly as I can put it. It started as a joke, that first game I went to I was 100% making fun of those people and it was a schtick, but somewhere between that game and the playoffs and getting season tickets and watching Elena Delle Donne be absolutely dominant, I don’t know where the joke starts and ends. If you saw me on the street and said Hey Big Cat, do you actually like the WNBA I think my god’s honest answer is yes. I enjoy WNBA. Call it summer time blues with no football or whatever but I like the WNBA, sue me.