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Diego Maradona Had To Be Carried From His Seat After Argentina's Win

Have a day Maradona! Have a day! Diego looking like every college freshman ever after their first night out at the bars. Argentina gets the win over Nigeria and Maradona was the star of the show despite not playing a single second. We’ve already seen his goal celebrations and now we have the aftermath of him getting carried by his pals. They carried him like 20 feet and had to put his slumped body in a chair. What a legend. I don’t even know what much about the guy. My interaction with Maradona is that he appears on my Twitter timeline everyone once in awhile. I like the cut of his jib though. Party til you can’t party no more. That’s what I always say.

PS- I take all of this back if we find out in a few hours  Maradona’s heart explodes and he dies.