This Minor League Baseball Promotion Did Not Help With The Kentucky Stereotype

Goddamnit, Legends. Listen, I love minor league baseball promotions. I’d argue there may not be a better league across America that does a better job of coming up with creative things to draw fans better than minor league baseball. Whether it’s letting a retired punter turned Barstool personality play a few innings or bring your pig to the park night, they are the best.

That said, this does not help the Kentucky stereotype. I understand it all. I spent 4 years in Kentucky and coming from the north it’s pretty clear that Kentucky was a whole different world. First things first, I was confused as to why people randomly asked me how my day was going. But, everyone knows Kentucky is viewed as a farmland sort of weird state.

This doesn’t help. I mean, bring your ping to the park night. How many people attending the game have a pet pig? Why do you have a pet pig if you’re not planning on frying it up for some bacon? Are there horsesocks? Is anyone listening to me?

I guess pigs puts asses in the seats because here we are talking about the Lexington Legends. Well done, but let’s just stick to dogs?