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Tom Arnold Says He's Teaming Up With Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen To Take Down Trump

Business Insider — The comedian Tom Arnold says he’s teaming up with President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen to take down the president, in what appeared to be another in a line of signals Cohen has sent to Trump in recent days.

Arnold is working on a Vice show called “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.” It features Arnold hunting for unsavory recordings of the president. The idea for the show was sparked by the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape before the presidential election, on which Trump was heard boasting of groping women.

The comedian told NBC News on Friday that Cohen — who is under criminal investigation in the Southern District of New York on suspicion of campaign-finance violations, bank fraud, wire fraud, illegal lobbying, and more — spoke with him for the show, which is expected to air later in the year.

That was all last night. Then this was today.

If there’s one duo that’s not taking down anybody, it’s Michael Cohen and 2018 Tom Arnold. Maybe mid-90s Tom Arnold but not 2018 Tom Arnold. No chance. Michael Cohen can’t even handle Stormy Daniels but he’s going to take down the Trump Train? Get outta here. Stormy is running circles around this clown while simultaneously touring around Making America Horny Again. Meanwhile Cohen and 2018 Tom Arnold can’t even get their tweets straight.

Live look at the launch of the Michael Cohen/2018 Tom Arnold “take down Trump” campaign: