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The Knicks Selected Mitchell Robinson, A Center From A Little Place Called The United States Of America With The 36th Pick Of The NBA Draft


I don’t like this pick. I love it. Any time you can draft a guy that doesn’t have a college or a foreign country, so they just put up United States, you have to take him. If you don’t like America, you can leave it. There’s the door!

I also loved that right after the pick was made, ESPN gave us a shot of Knicks fans wearing their Godzingis and Fire Dolan shirts.


I know that many Knicks fans were pissed that the Knicks didn’t go with Michael Porter Jr. with their first round pick because of his potential being the number 2 recruit of the 2017 class. But Mitchell Robinson can be their Porter. Robinson was the number 11 recruit of that class (Knox was 10 for what it’s worth) and is an athletic freak like most of the 7-footers we see these days. You want a video of Robinson dunking on high schoolers that will make your pants tight? Buddy, do I have something for you.

Do you also want a video of Robinson highlights as well as an explanation why he didn’t go to college that involves Shammond fucking Williams of all people and almost feels like a conspiracy video? You’re goddamn right you do!

h/t Bucs Film Guru/EYAK Producer/Knicks Superfan Steven Cheah

The icing on the cake is that Robinson probably hates the sham that is the NCAA more than I do. You know who else was a 7-foot athletic freak of a center from Louisiana that also didn’t have a ton of game film and had some issues with the NCAA?

Fuck yes.

So the Knicks took a guy who seems like he has a decent floor from a college that is an NBA Player Factory with their first round pick and a lottery ticket that can boom big time if it hits with their second round pick? Sounds like a good night to me, which on the Knicks grading curve would be a GREAT night.