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Keith Olberman Takes A Dump On The Phillies For Firing Chris Wheeler And Gary Matthews

(Starts at 1:55)

Popular announcers? Hey pretty boy, go hug a tree with your buddies and stay out of our business. Do you need to take the extreme on every fucking topic whether you have the knowledge of what’s going on or not? Any true Phillies fan or anyone with a baseball brain at a T-Ball level knows Sarge was OK but there is definitely someone better out there and Wheels has been torcher for over a generation. Closet Mets fan Tom McCarthy is awful, too. But just because you’re butt buddies with them doesn’t mean they’re good at what they do, Keith. Joe Philbin fired his best friend, mentor and former high school coach Mike Sherman over the weekend because he knew he sucks. You can still be friends with people and still not be forced to respect their work. Life isn’t an Antoine Walker posse or an Adam Sandler movie where you’re required to Obamacare your pals.

Also, Ricky Botallico would be a certified boss in the booth. The kind of meatstick that doesn’t give two literal shits and will tell it how it is like he does already on post game live. Smart enough to give good analysis but dumb enough to not have a filter to protect his livelihood (sounds like someone I know). Chris Coste would be decent as well but maybe not fiery enough. Lidge would be simply too nice to say this team will suck the sweat off a dead man’s balls.

Sadly it doesn’t look like Franske and LA will make the move to TV, but what about Dutch? If he’s healthy he should get serious consideration. Dude’s time traveling years are well behind him and would fit well in the booth. #RightOnFightOn

PS – Great insight here Wheels: