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Super Fat Iowa Lady Trying To Lose 200 Pounds So She Can Walk Down The Aisle Instead Of Getting Married At Home

iowa lady

Huffington Post- A morbidly obese woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is facing the biggest battle of her life — losing 200 pounds in a hurry. Charity Pierce, 38, is trying to lose enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. She believes surgery is the only way she’ll be healthy enough to marry her 21-year-old boyfriend, Tony Sauer. “I’m determined not to have to get married at home –- I want to be able to walk up the aisle,” she told Barcroft TV. “We both love country music so I plan to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots and cowgirl hat and Tony will be in jeans and cowboy boots.” Sauer isn’t just Pierce’s lover and confidant. His brother, Jimmy, had a previous relationship with Pierce that produced her 18-year-old daughter, Charly. Sauer first met Pierce when he was 8 and she was 25. They reconnected at a party three years ago.

Holy shit that’s a lot of things going on in one story.  Forget about the part where this chick weighs 765 pounds for one second.  We’ll get to that.  Against all odds that’s not the weirdest part of this story.  The weirdest part is that this lady went from having a kid with a guy (kid is now 18 years old) then broke up with that guy and started dating his younger brother (21 years old) who she met when he was only 8 years old but reconnected with three years ago and now wants marry him?  So Iowa it hurts.  That’s the weirdest love triangle ever when you throw in the fact that we’re not talking about Scarlett Johansson who’s jumping from brother to brother here, it’s a woman who weighs almost half a ton and can’t walk.  How does she keep reeling these guys in?  She must be able to do some crazy awesome sex stuff with those rolls.

But getting back to focusing on her being 765 pounds and upset she can’t walk down the aisle, fucking deal with it lady.  You chose this life.  The life of a fat person.  No judgment here.  That’s cool.  I live the life of a fat person also.  The difference is I don’t go crying to people when something comes along that I can’t do because I’m a fat ass.  Such as walking down the aisle.  I made this bed and I’m content to sleep in it.  You should be too.  And actually, which would you rather do: Get up and walk down an aisle to get married or have everybody come to you and get married from your couch?  Seems like a no brainer to me.  If you have the opportunity to do something sitting down you should always do that.  If you’re gonna be super fat, at least take advantage of it.  Embrace it.  Like getting married from the comfort of your own couch.  Don’t start hedging now and saying you want to change.  You don’t want to change.  You want people to think you want to change.  Will getting married from your couch be embarrassing?  Yes.  Of course it will be.  But you stopped caring what people thought when you decided to weigh 765 pounds.