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Prince Fielder To Appear In This Year's ESPN Magazine "The Body" Issue, Big Win For Fat America

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(source) Twenty-two athletes will be featured in the ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, which will hit newsstands on July 11. The keystone to the issue is the “Bodies We Want” section, where athletes will be featured in tasteful nude poses. Swimmer Michael Phelps, tennis star Venus Williams, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Texas Rangers slugger Prince Fielder and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka will be included in the issue.



Been saying it for years, fat is the new skinny (just in guys, fat girls are fucking gross). HUUUGE win for Fat Boys of America. And you know this will sell the most issues right? Its intriguing, it’s scintillating, you don’t know whether to puke or cum. You see a guy like Prince Fielder and you say whoa, he’s fat but he’s also super diesel, how does that work? Fact, Fat boys sell magazines, they put asses in the seats.




I would officially like to send in my resume. Please lmk


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